Web Design & Development

We’re not just building a website; we build a one that perfectly fits your business needs, drives traffic and converts the traffic into paying customers. Your website is the first impression the visitor gets about your whole business; we make sure to make a positive impact.

Now, through your website you can easily track your traffic and conversion rate, and over time you can expand your product or service lines to generate more sources of revenue.

Web Optimization

With the help of our web development experts the performance of your website will be improved and so the traffic of your website will grow with users who are more likely to convert on your website, increasing conversions and revenue.

And our SEO -Search Engine Optimization- service your website will be more visible on the internet and you can position your business as a trustworthy in your field among your competitors and build a strong relationship with your customers.

Marketing Consulting & Plans

Marketing plays a vital role for any business, but how you do marketing is way more important. The main goal of marketing is connecting your business with consumers for your business growth and in order to achieve that you have to understand

  • Where is your business in the market?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • How to reach them before your competitors do?

And our strategies and plans will answer all of these questions and will help you know your direction with a clear plan for a guaranteed success.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t have to talk much about how social media became a huge part of our lives now, and how much time we spend on social media in daily basis; enough have already been said about that.

As a business owner you have to utilize this in your favor. Social media marketing requires creativity and trend-jacking in order to keep close to your customer and it’s one of the best tools that build strong brand awareness.

However, not all business owners are aware of the importance of social media marketing.

MarkTech Studio will use social media in the right way that helps you build your own brand, drive more traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Media Buying

If you want to achieve maximum exposure among your target customers, you got it!

Media Buying in its simplest meanings is the process in which you pay for an advertising space whether it is on website, blog, or social media platform, and also on radio and television; it helps you building brand awareness, know your target customers and reach them faster if you have any new offers or interesting news about your business and you may reach more customers beyond your target customers.

Email & SMS Marketing

Did you know that email and SMS when combined together in a campaign are so powerful for your business?

People now are communicating with each other through email for work and study and they are always using their phones on daily basis and here comes the importance of both of them, you will reach them easily and you can easily target your target audience and keep them posted. And for any business it is important to pay attention to the ways that helps you get in touch with your customers to reach everyone, in anywhere.

Content Creation

As cliché as it may sound but “content is king”, literally!

Authentic and creative content builds trust with customers, creates positive impact about your business compelling customers to come back for more, sharable and catchy content helps you reach more audience and increases your followers and be more visible which will increase your sales later on.

Catchy content doesn’t have to be about crazy offers, you can also share tips and advices with your customer, tips that are related to your business, it makes the bond between you and your customers stronger.

Graphic Designs

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this quote describes why it is important to take care of your logo creation, designs of your website, social media pages, and designs of your printings, they are the first and lasting impression customers get once they interact with your business and if you want to slay your competition your designs have to be creative, to the point, and express the identity of your business and that is our mission.

Good image with clear message and creative idea combined with an outstanding content are the perfect mix to reach your customers and be widely known.

Photography & Video Production

You definitely want to capture the attention of the visitors of your page or website, a good image will do this for you; it will capture their imagination too, they will imagine themselves using your product, or trying your service.

And for a personal connection between your business and customers; videos are the best!

What if we combined good content with photography and video for people trying out your service/ product? You’ve sold!

Branding & Positioning

What distinguishes a business from the other is the personality of each one, and that is the thing that will make your customers choose you over the competitors.

Building personality for your business that’s what branding is, it’s not just about logo and identity; it’s about how people see you and what comes in their mind once you are mentioned.

And if you are wondering what positioning is, simply, it is determining what market fits your business, where is your business in the market.

In order compete, you have to invest in your brand identity and know your position.


Our top priority in MarkTech is to make everything easier for our clients and unique as well; we provide you with all types of printing you may need and when we say ALL TYPES OF PRINTINGS we do really mean it!

We provide you with: flyers, boxes, stickers, posters, business cards, calendars, bookmarks, newsletters, catalogs, brochures, cups, menus, cups, and bags.

And for accomplishing this mission and grabbing customers attention, MarkTech provides you with an outstanding designs for your printing.

Just contact us and the rest is our mission.

Business Game Changer

Whether you are starting a new business, facing any challenges, or want to try new strategy, MarkTech Studio got you covered, with variety of consultancy services:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications with financial & legal advisors

All these services and more MarkTech Studio offers for your business growth and developing your strategy to up your game in the market and to make you stand out.

Events Planning

Opening new business and bloggers events need a great marketing strategy to create the buzz required to attract customers, it’s your chance to build strong brand awareness, and building relationship with your new customers and in order to do this we’re offering you:

Event planning including

  • Decorations
  • Photography
  • video coverage
  • Cake of Bingz logo
  • Flags
  • DJ and music bands
  • Using the power of social media, we will set a plan to promote the opening ceremony on social media as an exciting factor
  • Running paid ads on social media platforms to build brand awareness and attract more customers to your place
  • Outdoor advertising campaign to reach more people
  • Influencers and public figures campaign because no one can deny how food bloggers convince and influence their followers and that’s what creates the buzz
  • Flyer distribution campaign: With the lowest price in the market due for our exclusive deal with Canada post including (Flyer Design + Content + Printing + Freight & Drop of to Canada Post)
  • QR Code menu
  • Printings and its design with the highest quality:
  • Invitations
  • Menu and to-go menu
  • Tents cards for the table
  • Flags
  • Roll-ups
  • Paper playmates
  • Coasters
  • Window decals
  • Floor decals for physical distancing
  • Bags and boxes

Flyer Distribution

Whatever you invest in Flyer Distribution, 30% ROI is guaranteed

Did you know that whatever the amount of money you spend in flyer distribution guarantees you 30% more revenue, and if 10000 flyers distributed properly, it could convince up to 200 people to visit and try out your business?

We know the misconception about flyers and most of people think they are not effective anymore, but no it’s effective way more than you think, flyers drive sales and increase your exposure.

And we are masters in launching successful flyer distribution campaigns with the lowest possible price for Canada post services.

It's Time To Thrive Your Business!